I met Pedro at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park on Grand Cayman. Pedro was a handsome adult blue iguana (Cyclura lewisi). Blue iguanas are a critically endangered reptile native to Grand Cayman and found nowhere else.
In general, blue iguanas are unfriendly. But Pedro liked people. He would close his eyes and raise his chin for a scratch behind the ears.
Possibly due to this trusting nature, Pedro was one of seven blue iguanas killed by vandals in May of last year. Pedro’s death is a loss to the species. But it’s also a personal loss for anyone who knew Pedro’s gentle nature and benign smile.

2 Responses to “Pedro”

  1. SUERTE Says:

    You make my drawing hand shiver with fear, and my other hand ball in a fist and shake at you in disgust. I am soon going to figure out how you are cheating, but until then I will look on with a bitter hatred mixed with awe that comes from your most imperious arch nemisis. Yours truly, Suerte

  2. margot Says:

    Awful story!