Jumble #4

The bright-eyed and ambitious group of volunteers that arrived in January 2008 are on their way out. Our replacements are already in training. As I finish up my service, I’m getting really busy (or as they would say in Q’eqchi’, my face is full), but here’s a parting shot for the Id.

3 Responses to “Jumble #4”

  1. CPM Says:

    I would like to buy a vowel, specifically an “A,” as all of the words I want to find in here require one.

  2. G.M. Says:

    Dear visitor,

    Today there is a place where you can start learning the grammar basics of the K’ekchi language. If you are working with our K’ekchi communities in the Alta Verapaz area, this information and resources will interest you. Best of all, the material is totally free and supported by the author/editor of the website. Please visit us as http://www.kekchi.co.nr/ or http://kekchi.awardspace.info/

    George Max
    Translator and Linguist

  3. margot Says:

    searching for the num chucks